Customer Appreciation

Have you ever considered your customer(s) as the person(s) who are going to give you their time, help or money, so you can have everything that you ever wanted in your life, your business, for yourself and your family?

When you get this perspective cultured into your business agenda for the customers, then you will begin to treat them differently and better. Customers are ever so important because they are your greatest marketing point.

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Here are some hard hitting truths about customers:

Listen to them. They let you in on a lot of information that you will not get elsewhere. About competition, about their needs, new opportunities, your staff, your performance in the market and in the office etc

Appreciate them. Imagine you take a vacation in a five star hotel every three months with your children, and none of the staff even bother to learn your name or mark your favorite dinner table when it is you and your wife only? You’d feel under valued. That’s the same way your customers feel when you don’t even take a minute of your time to appreciate them. Write a letter saying that you value their business and as an MD, sign it personally. It means a lot to that client. People who feel appreciated will remain loyal and will become your goodwill ambassadors as they happily sing your praises to others.

Support them. Customers will always come back to you for something. They expect that if they are loyal enough to give you their money, it won’t hurt you to give back a little in form of support. They could probably be organizing a charity walk and all they want is your staff to participate. It would make a difference between losing and keeping that customer’s business.

Customer service is important for the customer, but essential to your business. Without customer service,
you don’t have customers and you don’t have a business. Sometimes it calls for you to presume your customers
are your equals because they are. Speak with and not at or to your customers. Build in the culture of customer
service within your entire organization, not just the small customer relations department. Great customer service
ought to be a prerequisite of your business.

Customer is always first, not always right. It petrifies me every time I here someone saying in a resigned voice
with shrugged shoulders – “the customer is always right!” How can I sell you a vehicle spare part, you go interchange
it with another one and then come claiming it is what I sold you based on the premise that the customer is always right, It doesn’t work that way. The customer comes first, because we rely on his purchase to make our income but that doesn’t mean they are always right even when it is too obvious that they are on the wrong. Work at solving customer related issues first hand and professionally without making them look bad, but don’t lose or ruin your business in the name of adhering to a false presumption!

Customers buy appeal. In addition to the product, customers will always buy into you as the sales person. Sometimes, it may not be that your product is superior to the competition. It is because of how you treat your customers. As much as you are a salesperson, overshadow that with you being a customer service person. In this economy full of insurance and assurance packages, we are more likely to give ear to someone who introduces him/ herself as a personal financial consultant rather than a life insurance salesperson.

You don’t run a business solely dependent on finding new customers. The customers you acquire need to be retained and loyalty in your product and service developed in them. The loyalty is built by concentrating on service with an attitude clear to everyone that customer retention is very important to your business – both staff and customers.

Customer compliments and complaints are important tools to improve efficiency. In this case, you need to consider that nobody knows your product better than your competitor. Just as nobody sees the football game mistakes as well as the spectator, the customer knows your product better than you think. They use it, they spend money on it, they recommend it to others. So when they compliment you or raise a concern, you had best listen.

Your staff is your number one customer.
Your employees are the most important level of customers your business will ever encounter. Their daily income and sustenance is pegged on the success of the product or service you are selling. If they do not own it, they will not sell it. They will be disappointed customers who will work at selling it for their own selfish gains and not for the company’s benefit. Imagine a Sales Manager of Mercedes driving an Alfa Romeo; or an Account Manager of Nokia using a Samsung flap phone. Actually if someone like that came knocking on my office door, the first question would be, “if you believe in the product enough for you to sell it, what are you doing using the product or service of your competitor?” Allow your staff access to your products and services. You’d be surprised at its positive impact on your numbers!

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