How to decide if outsourcing is important for your business Outsourcing is about having a secondary party do the things that are necessary but not income-generating for your business. Whether or not it is important for your business is a conclusion that you arrive at by assessing several factors as detailed below. Cost vs Benefit …

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Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette must be a core part of any business culture if good relations are key to the success of the enterprise and this is what we will explore in this and other upcoming articles.


Behind the Curtain

In the month of July 2015 Kenya experienced one of the annual global summits dubbed GES2015. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The summit which also encompassed an entrepreneurs’ expo, was further complicated by the presence of the President of the United States of America, Mr. Barrack Obama hosted by the President of the Republic of Kenya, …

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What’s in a Name?

The other day driving from a scouting session for real estate with my best friend, we came across a bed and breakfast motel called The Paclice Inn. I remember asking my friend why anyone would want to give their inn a name that would associate them with the little bugs that nobody wants to see …

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Consumer & Supply Chain

In an article on Demand Media, Scott Thompson says “Consumers in the past usually had no influence on the supply chain, because they didn’t know anything about it. A consumer who ordered a pair of shoes would have no idea where those shoes were made, who made them, under what conditions or when to expect …

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Bringing Heart Back to Customer Service

There are multiple truths that we are faced with in customer relations. One, in our fast-paced world, there are increased sources of pressure and one is required to develop internal and external “systems” of dealing with it. Yet in dealing with the pressure we are called to behave with decorum, maintain relationships and leave the …

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Capital Injection

As we address the issue of entrepreneurship, we cannot escape the issue of financing businesses from the outset. Money is required for almost everything in the continued lifespan of the company. Stemming from the concept of a seed that is required to raise a crop, the initial money put forward to finance a business or …

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Exponential Growth

Recently a team of friends were out to publish a book, but they fell short of getting a reliable illustrator. They searched high and low for someone and what they found was many false social media profiles of illustrators who say they can do something but with pen and paper in front of them, the …

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Customer Care: A Foreign Concept?

By Ory Olindo (@OryOlindo) When dealing with clients, it is the little things that matter. Your product may be of a superior quality, but if the client is not comfortable with the business process, they may settle for a product with a lower quality but a more customer friendly interaction. A customer’s experience while transacting …

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People & Process

TWEET Good people, good product and bad process results in poor business. Good people, bad product and bad process results in a weak business. Have you ever come across organizations where the people seem to have the same culture of talking and seemingly are always glad to work for the company? Have you also heard …

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